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Zcash Governance Panel Votes Against Prioritizing ASIC Resistance

In a vote led by the Zcash Foundation, the Zcash community voted against prioritizing ASIC resistance in the protocol. The governance panel consisted of 64 elected individuals from the Zcash community. In May, Chinese hardware manufacturer Bitmain released the first ASIC miner for Zcash. Several people have expressed concerns over this stating that ASICs would lead to centralization of mining and ...

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5 of the Biggest Scams in Crypto History

We’ve all seen the headlines. Dive deeper into the world of digital currency and there’s a decidedly seedy layer lurking underneath. We’re talking about drug barons and tax evaders, cybercriminals, and rogue miners. And if that weren’t enough, you have to make sure you don’t fall victim to ICO scams as well. If you can stay out of the path ...

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Blockchain CEO Sees Institutional Cryptocurrency Space as Immature

Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain, recently went on Bloomberg to give his opinion on the current state of institutional investment in the cryptocurrency industry. Will Blockchain Principal Strategies Fill a Growing Need with Institutional Investors? After the recent launch of Blockchain Principal Strategies (BPS), Peter Smith, the CEO of Blockchain, went on Bloomberg to give additional insight into the BPS ...

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Online Shooter on Blockchain Offers Monetizing Playing Skills for Everyone

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Unlike harmless CryptoKitties, a new online shooter called WAR FIELD offers brutal deathmatches for Ethereum-based ERC20 GOLDER tokens that will be freely tradeable. Integrating blockchain this way will enable any player to “monetize” ...

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Microsoft Partners With Two Asian Firms on Blockchain Platform for Enterprises

The Taiwanese subsidiary of tech giant Microsoft has partnered with tech investment company China Binary Sale Technology and High Cloud to create a platform for enterprise blockchain development, according to a press release from Microsoft June 28. Microsoft will provide its Azure cloud platform as a base for China Binary’s blockchain service. The three-part partnership reportedly intends to transform various ...

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‘Roger Ver Will Cry,’ Boasts Mysterious Bitcoin Cash Attacker

Mysterious Bitcoin developer BitPico is back, and they’re launching an all-out attack on the Bitcoin Cash network — or so they say. BitPico to Launch Attack on Bitcoin Cash The anonymous development team on Thursday claimed to have brought its malicious nodes onto the Bitcoin Cash mainnet, initiating a “stress test” against the fourth-largest cryptocurrency. That announcement came roughly a ...

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