Home » Litecoin » A FLASH SALE FOR ALL YOU LTC HOLDERS! Thank you for the support! (Find us on mazefit.com) : litecoin

A FLASH SALE FOR ALL YOU LTC HOLDERS! Thank you for the support! (Find us on mazefit.com) : litecoin

A FLASH SALE FOR ALL YOU LTC HOLDERS! Thank you for the support! (Find us on mazefit.com) : litecoin

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  1. Official Wallet – Litecoin Core – Use bootstrap.dat to sync quickly
  2. LoafWallet iOS
  3. Official Lite Wallet, Electrum-LTC
  4. Official Paper Wallet Generator
  5. Litevault – Secure Web Wallet

Buy Litecoin

  1. Bitso – MXN
  2. BitBargain – GBP
  3. Bitfinex – BTC, USD
  4. C-Cex – BTC, USD
  5. Coinbase – BTC, USD, EUR
  7. Kraken – USD, EUR
  8. LitecoinLocal – USD, GBP, EUR
  9. Quadrigacx – CAD
  10. More Exchanges
  11. Shapeshift.io

Litecoin Websites

  1. Official Forum
  2. Litecoin.com
  3. Litecoin.org
  4. Litecoincore.org Litecoin’s Road Map
  5. Litecoin Dev’s Donation Address
  6. Litecoin Discord
  7. Litecoin Live Chat
  8. Litecoin Telegram
  9. Litecoin Wiki Under Construction

Litecoin Merchandise

  1. Alwayshodl.com A percentage goes to the Litecoin Foundation!
  2. Litecoin Foundation Store All proceeds go to the dev’s!

Community Resources

  1. Coin Gecko (Litecoin Metrics)
  2. Litecoin Community Alliance
  3. Litecoin halving clock
  4. Litecoinlearner
  5. Litecoin News Aggregator
  6. Litecoin Nodes
  7. Litecoin statistics
  8. Newcomer’s Guide to Litecoin
  9. Places to Spend Litecoin
  10. Run a Raspberry Pi Litecoin Full Node! A cheaper alternative to support the LTC network.
  11. Spend Litecoin
  12. The Math: Why litecoin is more secure than bitcoin
  13. World coin index

Accepting Litecoin as a Merchant

  1. Asmoney
  2. ALFAcoins
  3. Coinify
  4. Coinkite
  5. Coinpayments
  6. Gocoin
  7. LTC Integration Merchant Guides

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  5. Off-topic crypto discussion: /r/CryptoCurrency

  6. ANYTHING PRICE RELATED that isn’t a news article: /r/LitecoinMarkets

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