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Future of Litecoin after Lightning : litecoin

The two main benefits of LTC over BTC as I understand them are faster settlement times and lower fees making LTC preferable to BTC as a day-to-day payment instrument and relegating BTC to its role as a value store. I did a brief search and couldn’t see where it has been discussed before except by BTC maximalists who see no future for any alts – even LTC.

So my concern is – with the lightning network making BTC transactions cheap and immediate, what is the role for LTC?

Keep in mind, ALL of my crypto holdings are LTC, I even liquidated my BTC and mined ETH to get LTC, believing litecoin to be the most undervalued asset on the market. So what are the ramifications of a functional lightning network for LTC? I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it and am very interested in the perspective of this community. Charlie is great, and it seems that litecoin is always the POC vehicle that enables bitcoin, whether it’s segwit or lightning or whatever.. but I don’t see how that role gives it the long term value I was hoping for.

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