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Privacy Coin Trading Makes Breakthrough with Regulators

Last week, Zcash, the privacy focused cryptocurrency, got approval from New York state regulators in the United States to trade on Gemini. Gemini is the first BitLicensed exchange to trade a privacy focused cryptocurrency. The approval by the Department of Financial Services is a positive signal for other coins that have privacy features such and Monero, PIVX, Verge, and Dash. ...

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Chinese President Says Blockchain is a Breakthrough Technology, Expresses Optimism

President of China, Xi Jinping, expressed his admiration and hopes for blockchain technology at a meeting with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Xi pointed out that blockchain technology, which underpins Bitcoin, has been accelerating the rate of “breakthrough applications.” He also noted that he holds interest in other upcoming technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, ...

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Maybe think of breaking down the dividing walls and building just the perfect co-working space for Blockchain breakthrough? – The Merkle

In the era of vibrant business communities, it can be difficult to find a collaborative and creative atmosphere to focus on ideas worth bringing to life. Tiny cubicles make sense no more and open co-working spaces with all-purpose facilities (e.g. open-plan work spaces, complete with soft seating, and breakout areas) tend to dominate contemporary ways of achieving success. Disclosure: This ...

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2018 Will Bring Breakthrough Blockchain Developments

Brian Behlendorf is confident that 2018 will be a peak year, not only for Hyperledger — the international consortium of companies and organizations developing open source, permissioned blockchain technology — but also for blockchain technology in general as businesses and governments recognize the potential power of distributed ledgers and smart contracts. “2018 will be the year that Hyperledger and blockchain ...

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