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Russian Businessman Buys Power Stations For Crypto Min… | News

China has long been a cryptocurrency mining stronghold due to low power tariffs and many large mining operations have set up shop nearby power stations. It seems this theme is spilling over to Russia, where the first instance of power stations being bought by investors to house cryptocurrency mining operations is being reported. According to RT, Russian businessman Aleksey Kolesnik ...

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Capital One blocking Coinbase buys.

So I just got off the line with customer service at Capital One and was told Coinbase is on their list of crypto currency exchanges that are being blocked from purchases. She stated that coinbase was just added to this "List"on 01/10/18. submitted by /u/climategod2 [comments] Source link

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Despite the overall bear signals in the weekly chart, there are pocket of bull pressure. As such, we expect a short term Monero buys going forward. The only thing we should be watching for now is how price reacts at $400. At the same time, the same set up is panning out in IOTA. Even though there is over-valuation in ...

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