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Buyers Control the Cryptocurrency Market

For the serious student of cryptocurrencies, IOTA is a name most likely you know well. However since only about 8% of Americans own any crypto, and then 80% of those folks own bitcoin, it’s time to get to know your neighbors.   Ok, let’s start with a trick question.  Over the next 10-20 years, which technovation will have the greatest ...

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How Kidgy parental control app helps caregivers create a positive portfolio for their kids on the web – The Merkle

Parental controls help parents create a positive digital portfolio for their kids’ future success Do you want your kid to have excellent academic achievements? Things turn out that their digital presence on the Internet matters for the admission committee and potential recruiters. Moreover, it all starts with a sort of cyber hygiene which leads to creating a positive digital persona ...

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Algebraix Explains How ALX Gives You Control of Your Data and Is Changing Advertising

Algebraix is an Austin, Texas-based company that has developed a secure, permission-based ad platform called ALX. The platform allows users to monetize their personal data by selecting the information they would like to make available for targeting to advertising networks in exchange for a compensation. The Algebraix platform is fueled by its own ALX cryptocurrency that lays the foundation for ...

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Facebook Users Could Retake Control Of Content With Bl… | News

Blockchain could be a solution to the battle social media users face over misuse of personal data and content, RBC Capital Markets said March 21. Speaking to CNBC in the wake of the ongoing Facebook privacy scandal, RBC analyst Mitch Steves said Blockchain is “where we’re going long term” with regard to data integrity online. “In the future, someone like ...

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Is Control the Answer to Crypto Volatility? – The Merkle

Cryptocurrency is notorious for its volatility, but what if there were a way to remove this constant problem? While a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is fungible, portable, durable, tradable, and valuable, it lacks a stable value. Mom and pop stores and large firms alike have been wary of accepting Bitcoin payments because price fluctuations aren’t a gamble they want to factor into running ...

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