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Why Dash’s Greatest Innovation Is Its Biggest Weak Spot

Several friends at conferences recently have echoed a sentiment that I’ve held myself for a while, that the Dash community tends to hesitate on pushing mass adoption. This is because of the upcoming Evolution platform all the ease of use that it promises to deliver. At the risk of upsetting some people who may have espoused this approach, I feel ...

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How Dash’s Free Market Approach Won the Governance Race

The top cryptocurrency project with a built-in governance system, Dash has for years stood as the gold standard in this field. As many new projects attempt to solve this great puzzle of how to run a decentralized autonomous organization, and other non-DAO coins run into consensus problems time and again, the first DAO begins to look a little minimalist by ...

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What I Learned About Consensus From Dash’s Branding Vote

Dash is presently in discussions surrounding a potential branding update, and as logos and colors hit a highly emotional spot in people’s minds, the debate has been vigorous. Watching it all unfold has taught me a lot about Dash and consensus, however, as I’ve seen the whole process go down in a way much different than we’ve noticed in the ...

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Dash’s Biggest Innovation Is Just Coming Out

Three recent headlines: DashBoost entering public beta, Dash Watch’s release, and Dash Core now legally owned by the Dash network. These three represent something much more significant than anything currently under development for Dash. The biggest hype around Dash over the years, after passing through the Darkcoin phase as the first great privacy-centric cryptocurrency, has been Evolution: the upcoming culmination ...

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Dash’s Business Solution Strategy: Interview with Bradley Zastrow

Dash has a laser focus on real-world use as the payments system of the future. While its technical specifications enabling massive on-chain scaling as well as instant payment confirmations have certainly provided the base of this functionality, a great deal of Dash’s usefulness is owed to is top-notch business development team, which has made impressive progress in reaching out to ...

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Dash’s Game Changer: Full Scope of the Alt36 Platform

In October, point-of-sale and business solution Alt Thirty Six announced their exclusive partnership with Dash. This partnership has been used as the poster child for Dash’s use case as a payments system without the limitations of the banking world, particularly since the platform’s first target market is the legal cannabis industry, which has traditionally been plagued by banking problems. Dash ...

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