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New York Lawmakers to Discuss Impact of Blockchain on Government

A member of the New York State Assembly submitted a bill to the Committee on Governmental Operations on February 2 that calls for the formation of a task force to assess how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can impact on the way governments operate. Clyde Vanel, the submitter of the bill, is interested in the way that a government-issued digital currency ...

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G20 Summit To Discuss Crypto Regulation

To regulate cryptocurrencies or not to regulate cryptocurrencies? That is the question that will be in focus at the next G20 Summit in March.  It seems that most countries will have something to say about the regulation of it. In fact, last week UK Prime Minister Theresa May disclosed that the country is going to implicate some new cryptocurrency rules. This week, ...

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European Central Bank to Discuss Bitcoin and Blockchai… | News

One of the three major questions that the President of the European Central Bank will be answering via a series of videos on Feb. 12, 2018 is about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Mario Draghi will respond to the selected questions, whether Bitcoin offers a viable alternative to traditional currencies as well as comment on the ECB’s view on its technology, provided ...

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CFTC to Discuss Digital Currency Futures Certification Process

Five weeks ago, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced three exchanges had self-certified Bitcoin derivatives products. Following the subsequent backlash from the Futures Industry Association (FIA), the CFTC has announced two public committee meetings to review the self-certification process, procedures and operational controls for listing and trading digital currency futures. The news comes on the heels of SEC ...

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Charlie Shrem (bitcoin folk hero) & Anthony Di Iorio (Ethereum Co-Founder) Discuss Jaxx Wallet – Bitcoin.com

For the past two years, Charlie Shrem and Anthony Di Iorio have been working on the Jaxx wallet (fast becoming an entire ecosystem and robust platform) “Jaxx is a multi-platform, multi-currency digital wallet that enables people to own the keys to their digital world,” explains Di Iorio. Just as web browsers function as a single interface to the whole Internet, ...

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