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How Currency Crises Are Driving Nations to Crypto

Venezuela, Turkey, Iran and Zimbabwe: these countries are all facing ongoing economic crises. They’re suffering from high levels of inflation, and as a result the people living within them are increasingly turning to crypto as a store of value and a means of exchange. Their recent troubles have heightened the distant possibility that, at some point in the future, hyperbitcoiniztion ...

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Coinbase CEO: Economic Crises Will Strike in Next 3-5 Years, Driving Crypto Adoption

Impending economic crises could kick-start cryptocurrency adoption, according to Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong. In an interview with Bloomberg, Armstrong detailed the founding of the cryptocurrency brokerage giant. He went on to predict economic crises around the world taking place over the next 3-5 years. He believes that this could spur organic adoption of cryptocurrencies as the people flock to a ...

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Expedia Stops Accepting Bitcoin, Driving Users to Alternative Travel Sites

Expedia, the online travel agency that has been one of the largest merchants to accept bitcoin since 2014, has quietly stopped accepting the cryptocurrency, forcing users to seek alternative travel services. Marketexclusive.com reported on July 2 that an Expedia spokesperson confirmed the company would not accept bitcoin for hotel or flight bookings and that it was evaluating alternative payment options. ...

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Batching on the Rise, Driving Bitcoin Transaction Fees Lower

Get exclusive analysis and cryptocurrency insights on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. When bitcoin transaction fees hit record costs in mid-to late-2017, a race for solutions was in force. The most workable one came in the form of batching bitcoin transactions, and batching’s popularity has increased in the background of a general bear market that started in early 2018. ...

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Skycoin Free Internet Service Puts Users in the Driving Seat of the Sharing Economy – The Merkle

The shared economy has been growing at a vigorous rate since cash-strapped consumers began sharing more during the 2008 recession. New income streams have been generated from renting out living spaces, cars, sports equipment and power tools. Yet as more consumers participate in peer-to-peer exchanges, average household wealth is not keeping pace.   Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article The ...

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