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Deep Fried Crypto Chicken: The Chicken/Egg Problem

Tim Draper recently declared, “Only cryptocurrencies will be used For payments in 5 years” (Tahir). That’s pretty bold. But he may be onto something. Even if he is not precisely on target with his prediction, he may not be as wildly bullish as one may initially think. It is generally agreed that for an asset to be a currency, it ...

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KFC Canada Accepts Bitcoin for Fried Chicken

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. The biggest name in fried chicken has launched a cryptocurrency-themed “Bitcoin Bucket,” and yes, you can pay for it using the flagship cryptocurrency. KFC Canada Launches ‘Bitcoin Bucket’ KFC Canada began the publicity stunt on Thursday, advertising the Bitcoin Bucket on social media and livestreaming its price ...

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KFC Canada Has Started to Accept Bitcoin For Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the beloved US-based fried chicken chain, has started to accept bitcoin from its customers. KFC’s Bitcoin Campaign For a limited period of time, KFC is selling a bucket of fried chicken for $20 presented in a bitcoin-themed container demonstrating the price of the fried chicken bucket at the time of the sale. For instance, at the ...

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