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What Happened At Graceland’s Ethereum Conference

Throughout 2018, blockchain and cryptocurrency hackathons are taking place on every continent but Antartica. In the United States alone, conferences are happening in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Berkeley, Raleigh, San Francisco, New York City, Seattle and, of course, Silicon Valley. Some conferences will be more inclined toward a particular sector like Blockchain Health in Washington D.C. Others will target a specific ...

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Latest Bitcoin Scandal – What Happened in Singapore?

Can you imagine traveling to a different country solely with the purpose of buying something? That’s what a man from Malaysia just did – and it went horribly wrong. It might have been better if the man was going to Singapore for a shopping spree, but he wasn’t. The man went to Singapore with the intention of purchasing a wad ...

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The Future That Has Already Happened – The Merkle

It’s no secret that social networking sites monetize users’ activity and content to the tune of billions merely by showing ads to them – while users get little in return. The generous profits are accrued by corporations, none of whom are in the habit of sharing it with their users. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article But the world is changing, ...

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My thought on what happened today.

So today was pretty nuts out there. Everything dropped about (20%-40%). Some of you probably lost a really really good chunk of cash If you sold…. The crypto bubble popped. The really good coins with actual use will come back and with vengeance. They will recover and more. In my opinion, coins in the top 20 with exclusions… Hmmmm TRON ...

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Stellar (XLM) & Tron (TRX) What Happened?

Since Bitcoin (BTC) began to level off in price after its futures contracts launched mid-December, altcoins have become the top trend. Many investors have been on the hunt to discover the next cryptocurrency to make gains above 1000% and compete amongst the top 10 digital tokens. Last week, Tron (TRX) and Stellar (XLM) made significant strides amongst all the altcoins ...

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Wonder what happened to Occupy Wall Street? This is the real Occupy Movement : litecoin

Wonder what happened to Occupy Wall Street? This is the real Occupy Movement : litecoin this post was submitted on 06 Jan 2018 4 points (75% upvoted) shortlink: subscribeunsubscribe167,051 readers 3,242 users here now Wallets Official Wallet – Litecoin Core – Use bootstrap.dat to sync quickly LoafWallet iOS Official Lite Wallet, Electrum-LTC Official Paper Wallet Generator Litevault – Secure Web ...

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