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Microsoft To Implement Blockchain-Based ID System | News

Microsoft revealed its plans to integrate Blockchain-based decentralized IDs (DIDs) into its  Microsoft Authenticator app, the company announced in a blog post Monday, Feb. 12. As reported in the post, Microsoft is looking to provide new a model of digital identity that would not be controlled by any centralized institution and would guarantee fully private data storage, enabling the individual ...

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Iceland May Implement Bitcoin Mining Tax Due to Energy Consumption

Mining Bitcoin can be a lucrative venture under the right circumstances. With access to sufficient hardware, the mining process becomes a lot easier. Additionally, operators need cheap electricity to keep operational costs low. In Iceland, it seems the demand for electricity is on the rise thanks to Bitcoin mining. In fact, the electricity consumption for mining Bitcoin may outweigh the ...

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Coinbase to Implement SegWit ‘In the Next Few Weeks’

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Cryptocurrency brokerage firm Coinbase announced that it plans to release support for SegWit “in the next few weeks,” a move that promises to reduce transaction fees for customers and reduce congestion across the entire network. The company made the announcement on Twitter, stating that “our engineering team ...

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6 Reasons to Implement a USB Security Management System at Enterprise – The Merkle

Technology significantly improves our productivity at work, but they also pose many threats to companies. The universal serial bus or USB ports are widely used for connecting with USB devices that ensure effective computer networking. However, this equipment can seriously damage your business unless you use USB management software. Here are 6 ways how unprotected USB connection can negatively affect ...

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Amazon to implement Litecoin as a payment method in 1-2 weeks per Amazon Support Rep. 🚀 🌙 : litecoin

Amazon to implement Litecoin as a payment method in 1-2 weeks per Amazon Support Rep. 🚀 🌙 : litecoin this post was submitted on 02 Jan 2018 5 points (100% upvoted) shortlink: subscribeunsubscribe163,059 readers 3,573 users here now Wallets Official Wallet – Litecoin Core – Use bootstrap.dat to sync quickly LoafWallet iOS Official Lite Wallet, Electrum-LTC Official Paper Wallet Generator ...

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