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‘A Sociological Innovation’: Big Finance Advisors Prea… | News

Mainstream financial advisors are publicly propagating Blockchain this month, telling that it is a “sociological innovation” during the US Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference, CNBC reports Monday, Feb. 12. A summary of the T3 Advisor Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which ran Feb. 6-9, demonstrates the significant U-turn in attitudes from advisors in 2018. “Blockchain is a sociological innovation. ...

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iPRONTO To Foster Innovation and Startups Through Blockchain-based Connection to Incubators and Investors – The Merkle

For the amateur inventor, getting noticed is often an insurmountable challenge. From financial hurdles to networking challenges, resource allocation  and management, the path to innovation is fraught with difficulties and disappointment. iPRONTO is a decentralized platform that will nourish and endorse amateur innovators, allowing them to connect with investors. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article An Innovative Engagement Platform Created ...

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Blockhive Partners With Agrello in New Crowdfunding Innovation Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is enabling the borderless transfer of value in its simplest form without the interference of intermediaries. This is a property that has encouraged the effective fundraising processes being adopted by various startups and existing organizations for purposes of project development and expansion, as the case may be. A new fundraising method One of the latest fundraising methods being ...

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Rootstock: innovation returns to Bitcoin?

The stability and performance of Bitcoin price has solidified its dominance as a currency and soon developers may flock to Bitcoin to form sidechains, or extensions, bringing unification to developer innovation and stable economics. The functionality of 2-Way Peg’s (2WP) creates a bridge for projects like Rootstock enabling developers to use the Ethereum Virtual Machine while tapping into the market ...

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