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Japan’s Module Intends to Conquer the International Crypto World with Its Pioneering Mining and Cloud Sharing Platform

Japan is well known for its enthusiasm about cryptocurrency, and is a leader in early adoption and technology development. When something new and exciting takes off in Japan, there’s a very good chance it will become popular around the world. This is why it makes sense to keep an eye on a company like Module, which is working to make ...

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New Data Storage Platform Intends To Become The Safest Way Of Storing Information Online

A new blockchain-powered data storage platform, Memority, is aiming to provide “the most secure ever developed” solution for anyone looking to safely store sensitive data. The system would be entirely decentralised, self-sufficient, and protected against forgery and data deletion. Memority has also stated that “since we use Proof of Authority mining, there is no need for high computation resources.” No ...

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A Platform Intends to Become the Only Application You… | News

For those new to cryptocurrency, finding the most trustworthy advice to make their first steps into a new environment can be overwhelming. Equally, more experienced traders want to continue to advance their portfolios to their best potential. A new ‘all in one’ platform, Pinnacle, aims to provide an investment multiplex for traders of all levels. The company works under the ...

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New Blockchain-Based Project Intends to Challenge the… | News

A new project aims to create a community-driven, tokenized and cryptocurrency-enabled banking ecosystem in a regulated environment that lives up to the expectations of mainstream users and could help to simplify crypto-money usage. Following South Korea’s decision to allow crypto trading, but conditioning exchanges to share their data with the banks, it seems the country’s credit card companies are also ...

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Startup Intends to Shake Up Antivirus Industry With a… | News

Since early January the PolySwarm IT startup keeps making waves revealing its plans to create the first decentralized marketplace for threat intelligence, where security experts build anti-malware engines that compete to protect users. PolySwarm is powered by the cybersecurity and Blockchain background of its founding and advisory team. PolySwarm’s CEO, Steve Bassi, previously founded Narf Industries, an information security R&D ...

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