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Bearish Analysts Expect a Bitcoin price Drop to $2,800

Depending on whom you pose the question to, Bitcoin will either rebound or meet its demise. As of right now, some analysts are convinced the Bitcoin price will drop well below $5,000 pretty soon. If Market Securities Dubai’s Paul Day is to be believed, we will hit $2,800 in the not so distant future. The Bitcoin Price Decline So Far ...

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Not Long to Go on ZeroEdge Pre-Ico Sale Discounts

It’s the last chance to get a massive 58% bonus by participating in the ZeroEdge pre-ICO. Not only are they offering huge discounts to their first contributors, they’re hoping to shake up the entire online casino industry too! Zero House Edge Means You’re More Likely to Win ZeroEdge isn’t just a cool sounding name. They’re trying to build an online ...

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Ethereum Battered on ICO Regulation and Ad Ban

When crypto markets plunge towards another monthly low some assets will fare better than others. As usual big daddy Bitcoin has led the way and when it shed 14% over night the outlook for all others appeared grimmer. Ethereum has fared badly this time falling harder and faster than usual. Ethereum, which usually fares well during major downturns, has taken ...

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Are ‘Gig’ Workers the Guinea Pigs of a Crypto Economy

A number of startups are developing payments platforms and cryptocurrencies solely for the sharing economy. Claiming there is a need of a fair and efficient path to compensation, they believe the sharing economy might serve as an experiment for adapting digital tokens as a chief form of payment. The Challenges and Solutions Cryptocurrencies Present to ‘Gig’ Workers That audacious idea ...

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Bitrewards: A Rewards and Loyalty Platform for a $20+ Billion Market

Bitrewards is a blockchain-based loyalty system that has been designed with e-commerce businesses in mind. This new platform will enable online stores to rewards shoppers using the BIT digital currency. It has been shown that having a function reward system can help to raise sales by about 17 percent. With the help of the blockchain and the team’s unique model, ...

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