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Logs for the Monero Research Lab Meeting Held on 2018-01-29 | Monero

<sarang> Let us begin<suraeNoether> howdy everyone!<suraeNoether> maybe we should ping people<endogenic> vtnerd smooth fluffypony othe stoffu knaccc ArticMine kenshi84 pigeons gingeropolous dEBRUYNE<endogenic> 😛<endogenic> ferretinjapan<endogenic> silur (absent?)<endogenic> hyc<endogenic> endogenic<suraeNoether> fluffypony luigi1111 andytoshi anonimal dEBRUYNE endogenic ErCiccione gingeropolous hyc vtnerd smooth othe stoffu silur ArticMine kenshi84 pigeons john_alan medusa Mouchicc nioc unknownids* andytoshi breakfast meeting, afk, sorry<anonimal> Hello<ErCiccione> Hi! (thanks for the ...

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Logs for the Monero Research Lab Meeting Held on 2017-11-13 | Monero

<suraeNoether> Hi everyone! fluffypony, knaccc, luigi1111, anonimal, binaryFate, dEBRUYNE, endogenic, gingeropolous, hyc, JollyMort[m], moneromooo, nioc, smooth, stoffu, vtnerd… anyone else I’m forgetting to ping?<hyc> hola<suraeNoether> 2) I want someone to volunteer to put up meeting logs on either the monero-project github or my personal github (which would end up on monero-project after a few weeks) as well as maybe throwing ...

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Logs for the Monero Research Lab Meeting Held on 2017-11-27 | Monero

<suraeNoether> anyway, agenda for the day: 1) Greetings, 2) Sarang’s work 3) my work 4) open discussion. The new zksnark paper will presumably take up some of 4. 😛<suraeNoether> 1) is done i guess. :<suraeNoether> 2) Sarang want to bring us up to speed?<sarang> roger<sarang> I have working code for both linear and logarithmic bulletproofs that tests correctly<sarang> I’m finishing ...

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Logs for the Monero Research Lab Meeting Held on 2017-12-11 | Monero

<suraeNoether> yes we do<suraeNoether> good morning everyone<suraeNoether> moneromooo, smooth, andytoshi, ArticMine, stoffu, fluffypony, endogenic, gingeropolous<suraeNoether> pero pigeons stoffu vtnerd unknownids<hyc> pero is here?<suraeNoether> shrug his name is on the list, but i haven’t heard him say anything since before we funded sarang<sarang> “He was never here, Trebek…”<suraeNoether> hyc<suraeNoether> research meeting in 11 minutes, plus or minus the time it takes ...

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