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What I Learned from GPU Mining Cryptocurrencies

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post and I wanted to come back by talking about some of the things I learned when I embarked on the mission of mining cryptocurrencies using GPUs. I’ve been involved with cryptocurrency since 2014 and have seen the change in trends over the years. The first article written on this site is ...

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How the Video Card Industry Learned to Love Crypto Mining

With profits soaring for some of the world’s biggest GPU manufacturers, it’s clear to see that crypto mining has had a powerful, and perhaps even a lasting effect on the video card production industry. This sudden and sharp increase can be explained by the growth of cryptocurrency in the last two years, as crypto miners snapped up these GPU chips ...

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What I Learned About Consensus From Dash’s Branding Vote

Dash is presently in discussions surrounding a potential branding update, and as logos and colors hit a highly emotional spot in people’s minds, the debate has been vigorous. Watching it all unfold has taught me a lot about Dash and consensus, however, as I’ve seen the whole process go down in a way much different than we’ve noticed in the ...

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