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Well Known ICO Investor Ian Ballina Hacked, Millions Worth of Cryptocurrency Lost

Ian Balina, a famous cryptocurrency evangelist and millionaire investor, has been hacked. A compromised college email account may have been at the origin of the hack, according to Balina, who has asked the community for help to catch the perpetrator. Cryptocurrency Evangelist Allegedly Hacked Via Compromised Email Account Ian Balina, a cryptocurrency investor, advisor, and evangelist, with a 142,000 Twitter following, ...

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Over $6.2 Mln In Crypto Assets Lost To Fraud, Hacks In… | News

Over $6.2 mln (662.4 mln yen) of cryptocurrency was lost in 2017 due to fraud and theft, according to statistics released from Japan’s National Police Agency (NPA), local news outlet Nikkei reports today, March 22. This number does not include the over $500 mln hack of NEM from Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck in late January. Nikkei writes that 16 virtual ...

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All Irregular Trades Reversed, Hackers Lost Coins

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has claimed all fraudulent trades that occurred on Wednesday have been reversed. Suspicions were high earlier this week regarding strange occurrences on the Binance exchange. Multiple users took to Reddit to express concern at highly unusual unauthorized trades happening on their accounts. Clarification has ...

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Crypto Lost Half a Trillion Dollars

No one had expected the ruthless drop in cryptocurrency prices one month ago when the total market capitalization was moving above $850 billion; crypto lost almost a trillion dollars since. The cryptocurrency crash furthered since the start of this week; digital currencies plummeted at a double-digital rate in Monday trading and pessimistic market sentiments hammered cryptocurrencies in early Asian trade ...

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Bitcoin Trader Made Millions Trading on Margin — And Then Lost It All

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. A bitcoin trader allegedly lost nearly 200 bitcoins during the recent cryptocurrency market correction, which forced the bitcoin price as low as $9,231 after peaking at $19,891 last month. The tragic story, which was posted on the Bitcoin Markets subreddit, is a stark reminder of how fleeting ...

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Lost about $4k in LTC buying at all time high $407

It’s almost tax season so I’m curious do I need to pay taxes for my losses or will I be able to deduct $4k from my taxes I need to pay. I have NOT sold my LTC yet but I think you still report taxes for any investments that are not yet converted to USD? submitted by /u/PeaceOfOceanCake ...

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