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FirstCryptoETF to Set up Dash Masternode

A new token, which calls itself FirstCryptoETF, will be setting up a Dash Masternode and distribute rewards as “dividends” to token holders. The new token will pay the 1000 Dash collateral, currently valued at a little under $500,000 USD, to set up a Dash Masternode. Dash Masternodes get 45% of the mining rewards, which is around 2 Dash per Masternode ...

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The newest cryptocurrency on the block, GINcoin, launches its turnkey masternode platform – The Merkle

March 8, 2018: A new cryptocurrency, GINcoin, was launched in late February, aiming to provide cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternode(s) – regardless of their technical abilities. GIN creators are now launching the GIN platform, allowing investors worldwide to create and maintain their own masternode with a few easy clicks. Their ultimate goal ...

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Dash Masternode Count Reaches All-Time High in Market Recovery

Dash’s masternode count has reached a new all-time high as the markets begin to recover. Last December, Dash reached an all-time high of about $1,600 per coin. Over January and early February, the cryptocurrency markets collectively crashed, falling from an all-time high of $835 billion to a recent low of $279 billion. Dash similarly fell to a recent low of ...

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DashMasternode.io Trusted Masternode Shares Review (Updated)

Updated for new setup, lower deposit limits, and voting functions One of the major masternode share providers, DashMasternode.io has a solid reputation in the community. It’s a flexible masternode shares service allowing those with fewer than 1,000 Dash to still retain recurring rewards for helping secure the network, and offers the best rates on returns in the business. Ease of ...

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Neptune Dash Masternode Company Begins Trading on TSX Venture Exchange

Dash masternode investment company Neptune Dash has begun public trading on Canada’s TSX Venture exchange. A Vancouver-based blockchain company, Neptune Dash creates and operates Dash masternodes. At present the company claims to operate 15 nodes, with up to 18 planned by the end of the month. Today, Neptune Dash began publicly trading on Canada’s TSX Venture exchange. At time of ...

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