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Bitcoin Trumps iTunes Vouchers as Preferred Payments for Tax Scammers

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn As the tax season approaches, Australians have more reasons to be wary of persons claiming to be from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). In the four months since July 1, Australians have lost nearly AU$1 million to scammers posing as the tax officials according to the ATO. During the same period where more than 28,000 scam attempts ...

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Terrorists Not Having Much Luck Raising Money Through Cryptos, Fiat Still The Most Preferred

Remember when crypto skeptics said that cryptos would replace fiat currencies as the preferred funding method for terrorists? It turns out they were wrong, at least for now. According to witnesses who testified before the U.S Congress Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance, crypto hasn’t taken root as the go-to financing method for terrorist groups who still prefer to use ...

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Ripple xRapid Partnerships | Bittrex to be the Preferred Exchange

Ripple (XRP) has just announced that it has signed three major partnerships for xRapid, its product geared towards financial institutions. These Ripple xRapid partnerships will allow the XRP token to be exchanged to and from another currency efficiently. Announced today: Bittrex is the U.S. preferred digital asset exchange for xRapid transactions using #XRP. https://t.co/jqtYG3OeX4 — Bittrex (@BittrexExchange) August 16, 2018 ...

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Report: Crypto-Jacking Is on the Rise, Overtaking Ransomeware as Preferred Method of Attack

As cryptocurrencies continue to increase in popularity and adoption, investors and users are experiencing an increase in malicious coin miners that utilize the semi-anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies for financial gain. ITWeb Security Summit  This is according to Helge Husemann, product manager for Malwarebytes who spoke at ITWeb’s Security Summit 2018. Husemann hypothesized that because the mining process can turn profits using regular ...

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