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BitFury De-Anonymizes 1/6 of the Bitcoin Blockchain, Highlights Need for Privacy

BitFury has successfully de-anonymized over 1/6 of the entire Bitcoin blockchain, increasing privacy concerns for cryptocurrency users. Known primarily as a mining company, BitFury has recently entered into the ream of blockchain analysis for aiding law enforcement in criminal investigations. In a Medium article to promote a new analysis whitepaper, BitFury outlines their approach to ending Bitcoin’s assumed privacy. According ...

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Cloak’s Transaction System Enigma is Open Source – A Milestone for Privacy

After three years of hard work, countless hours of programming, passion and perseverance for a shared vision, CloakCoin has reached a new milestone in building the world’s safest cryptocurrency. ENIGMA, the in-house payment system is open source as of 31st December 2017. Anyone can now take advantage of CloakCoin’s Transaction System. At the heart of CloakCoin is ENIGMA, protecting you ...

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