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Proper Regulations Will Boost Confidence in Cryptocurrency Sector: Abu Dhabi Regulator

The regulatory chief of Abu Dhabi’s international financial center and free zone has called for tighter regulations for cryptocurrency trading and ICOs while recognizing the growing global industry. Nearly a year after issuing its guidelines for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs), effectively regulating the industry, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) is sharing its framework with its regulatory counterparts ...

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Crypto Becomes Proper Alternative to Cash in Struggling Economies

The use of crypto donations by a Venezuelan citizen has shown cryptocurrencies are better than some fiat currencies even though they have been dismissed as too volatile. These donations also highlight the changing perception of crypto away from its murky past on the dark net. Crypto Helps Citizens Affected by Hyper-Inflation The NANO community has donated almost $5,000 worth to ...

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Government Agencies Are Honing in on Proper Cryptocurrency Regulation in the US

Regulation of cryptocurrencies is a dicey topic. Given the decentralized and trustless nature of such currencies, enforcing active regulation may prove to be challenging. Even so, US officials are inching closer toward achieving such official guidelines for Bitcoin and altcoins. Doing so will solve not one, but two of cryptocurrency’s bigger problems. Bitcoin Regulation in the United States For the ...

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Israel Confirms Cryptocurrency Will Be Taxed As Proper… | News

The Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) confirmed yesterday, Feb. 19, in a professional circular that the country will tax cryptocurrencies as property. The tax authority had released a draft of today’s circular on Jan. 12, which referred to virtual currencies as “unit[s] used for barter [that] can be used for investment purposes.” Per this definition: “these currencies will be considered as ...

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Coincheck Hack Highlights the Need for Proper Decentralized Exchanges

Many different lessons can be learned from the Coincheck debacle. The heist on this Bitcoin exchange raises a lot of questions and provides few answers. Additionally, it seems criminals will continue to exploit any sort of weakness on centralized platforms. As such, there is a growing need for decentralized trading solutions. These decentralized exchanges will be of great interest to ...

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How to do Proper Research into a Cryptocurrency Project – Golem vs SONM vs iExec – The Merkle

With the thousands of coins out there and hundreds more released every day, one can get overwhelmed with the vast amount of options when it comes to investing into one of these projects. This article will go over a foolproof strategy which anybody can use to assess and evaluate any ICO or token and decide based on their own preferences whether the ...

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