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Top 10 Blockchain Companies to Watch in Q4 2018

As we approach Q4 of 2018, blockchain technology is still among the top headlines, despite a rather rocky year for the cryptocurrency and ICO markets. Though it has recently seen some challenges within the greater market, blockchain technology remains a highly anticipated transformational technology that has the ability to impact every industry on multiple levels. A recent study raised previous ...

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New York State to See Bitcoin Mining Operation Powered by Hydroelectric Dam in Q4 2018

A California-based Bitcoin mining company has completed work on a repurposed hydroelectric dam to service its new mining farm, a press release announced Thursday, August 23. DPW Holdings will now prepare to use the dam, which is located in Valatie Falls, New York, as the source of electricity for its yet-to-be-built mining facility towards the end of 2018. The move ...

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OmiseGO to Initiate Decentralization In Q4 2018

OmiseGO, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange issued on Ethereum who has raised $25 million in its initial coin offering in Q2 2017, has updated its roadmap to clarify the timelines and milestones ahead. OmiseGO Shares Updated Visual Roadmap The dynamic, evolving process, which has started with the ICO in Q2 2017, was followed by an airdrop of 5% of total OMG ...

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Bitcoin Price Decline Driven by Q4 Futures Launch: Federal Reserve

Join our community of 10 000 traders on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Bitcoin’s winter price peak and subsequent decline coincided with the introduction of bitcoin futures trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. A team of researchers doesn’t think it was a coincidence. Galina Hale, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Marianna Kudlyak and Patrick Shultz — economic researchers writing for the Federal ...

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My Big Takeaways from Dash Core Team Q4 Conference Call

After listening to the above-linked lengthy call by Dash Core to summarize Q4 of 2017, here were my top most important takeaways: 1: Evolution and development updates The question on everyone’s mind: when is Evolution coming out? When is the roadmap getting an update? Core clarified that an updated roadmap would be released soon, and that the team was still ...

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Cryptocurrency Mining Boosts Nvidia Earnings During Q4 2017

The public interest in cryptocurrency mining has never been higher. Graphics cards are flying off the shelves. Everyone with access to relatively cheap electricity wants to capitalize on this cryptocurrency craze. As such, companies such as Nvidia see a nice increase in quarterly earnings. In fact, the concept of cryptocurrency mining boosted the company’s revenue during Q4 of 2017. A ...

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