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Nick Spanos’s Zap Jolts Real Estate With Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts

New York realtors looking to avoid hiccups in their commission payouts can now turn to blockchain-based smart contracts. The first real estate commission split was brokered earlier this summer in Manhattan’s ritzy SoHo neighborhood by New York-based Bapple Realty. Enabled through data uploaded onto the Zap platform, the seller divvied up a $3,400 commission — paid in Ethereum tokens — ...

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10% of Millennials Are Selling Crypto to Afford Their First Home: $2B Real Estate Firm

According to Redfin, a multi-billion dollar real estate company listed on Nasdaq, 10 percent of millennials have sold their crypto holdings to afford their first home. Breakdown of Millennials’ Investment Strategies In March of this year, Redfin surveyed 2,000 US residents to understand the perspectives and concerns of both millennials and full-time employees in their late 30s in entering the ...

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Chelle Ecosystem Brings Blockchain Benefits to Real Estate, Unleashing Improved Access, Speed and Transparency

Everyone working in the real estate industry knows real estate records are difficult to access, and they vary significantly in quality. As a result, real estate transactions are complex, time-consuming and often require the assistance of third parties. Hence, blockchain technology, with its unique ability to facilitate transactions rapidly, offers an opportunity to make real estate transactions faster, simpler and ...

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Virtual Reality Applications in the Real World: A Guide by ImmVRse

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Virtual reality (VR) has often been overlooked for its fair share of association with the gaming industry, where gamers embraced it as a means of experiencing different environments without actually interacting with those ...

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More Than a Quarter of U.K. Male Millennials Prefer Bitcoin to Real Estate: Survey

In a sign of the shift in attitudes regarding traditional investments and finance, a study conducted by a real estate developer in the United Kingdom has revealed that 27% of male millennials consider bitcoin a better investment than property. According to real estate developer Get Living, part of the reason the particular demographic saw bitcoin as a more attractive investment was ...

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Jack Ma Bitcoin Bubble | Blockchain Is the Real Answer

Jack Ma Bitcoin Bubble: Yet another well-known figure has come forward to express his thoughts on the cryptocurrency sector. The figure, who is Jack Ma, spoke specifically of Bitcoin (BTC) — and his thoughts weren’t exactly in favor of the cryptocurrency. Jack Ma Bitcoin Bubble: True or False? On Monday, Jack Ma, a Chinese billionaire and the founder of Alibaba Group ...

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