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Audit Results: South Korea’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit Cleared

Upbit, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, has conducted an internal audit amid suspicions of fraud from national authorities. The audit results allegedly disprove the claims that the exchange has falsely reported the amount of funds it holds. South Korea’s Upbit Exchange Claims Internal Audit Disproves Suspicions of Fraud South Korea’s cryptocurrency market came under pressure last week following news ...

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How Many Americans Really Own Crypto, Skewed Results of Polls and Surveys

A recent survey conducted by Finder set out to find cryptocurrency ownership, interest, and gender distribution statistics for the American population. The survey discovered that 92 percent of the American population has not purchased cryptocurrency and only eight percent of them plan on investing in cryptocurrency in the future. However, research indicates that Finder’s survey is not the most accurate ...

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$81 Billion Allianz Says Bitcoin is a Bubble, Search Engine Results Refute

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. On March 14, $81 billion investment firm Allianz stated in a report released by the firm’s global economics and strategy head Stefan Hofrichter that the cryptocurrency market, regardless of its liquidity, is a bubble. Intrinsic Value Again Hofrichter stated that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin lack intrinsic value, and ...

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Sierra Leone Uses Blockchain To Track Election Results… | News

In an apparent first, the African nation of Sierra Leone has employed Blockchain technology in tallying its presidential elections, according to Agora CEO Leonardo Gammar March 7. Agora is the Swiss-based Blockchain voting technology company which participated in tallying Sierra Leone’s presidential election results yesterday. Jason Lukasiewicz, the COO of Agora, told Cointelegraph that this is the “first time in ...

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Crypto Pundit McAfee Surveys the Community with Surprising Results

Social media plays a huge part in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Blockchain companies themselves use the various platforms to communicate with their clients and investors and make announcements. Due to the ‘anything goes’ nature of social media it has also attracted a number of colourful characters, one of which is self-appointed crypto overlord John McAfee. The anti-virus tech mogul has a ...

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‘Higher Than Expected’: Louis Dreyfus Reports Results… | News

One of the leading global commodity traders Louis Dreyfus Co. (LDC) has stated that its first venture into Blockchain produced results “even higher” than expected, Financial Times reports Monday, Jan. 22. The buoyant remarks follow completion of the the giant’s first Blockchain-powered agricultural trade, in which it sold and delivered 60,000 tons of soybeans to China in Dec. 2017. Several ...

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