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Verge (XVG) | Verge Returns to Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange

Some exciting news for Verge (XVG) fans as Verge returns to Changelly today! Changelly announced that it was once again supporting XVG. Verge Returns to Changelly Back in April, Changelly removed Verge from its platform, in what the exchange said was due to technical issues with the XVG support. But now, Verge is back! Verge $XVG is finally back on Changelly! Buy it ...

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Payments Company Square Unveils Low Returns From Bitcoin Business Last Quarter

US payments processing company Square recently reported low profits from Bitcoin (BTC) trading in its Cash App last quarter, according to an article by Fortune Wednesday, May 2. According to Square’s earnings report, Bitcoin-related business generated about 5 percent of overall revenue, amounting to $34.1 mln. However, the amount of profit from Bitcoin barely covered the funds spent to acquire ...

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Bitcoin Price Watch | BTC/USD Returns Above $8,000, Shows Strength

Earlier this morning, Bitcoin price returned above $8,000 following a slight dip below that price level on Tuesday evening. BTC/USD has been holding steady this week as investors await the next potential breakout. For the past two weeks, Bitcoin gained close to 20%. BTC/USD Showing Strength Despite falling below $8,000, Bitcoin price bounced back quickly on Wednesday morning. The slight ...

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Texas Regulators Crack Down on Site Offering Returns Related to Cryptocurrency and Medical Marijuana

A bogus startup offering 8% weekly returns on cryptocurrency and medical marijuana was hit by the Texas State Securities Board yesterday, in another move by against crypto-related financial crimes by U.S. regulators. The Board filed a cease-and-desist order (CDO) against Mark Moncher for allegedly trying to sell unregistered securities through his “Financial Freedom Club,” also called “Millionaire Mentor University,” which ...

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After Tumultuous Monday, Price of Bitcoin Returns Above $8,100 – The Merkle

With every green candle in the past two months, cryptocurrency supporters hope the bear trend has ended. However, after each extended period of appreciation, it seems as if an even longer and steeper sea of red is experienced after. Yesterday, technical analysts and spectators alike scratched their heads at Bitcoin’s inexplicable chart. Although the unexpected is the norm throughout cryptocurrency, Monday’s ...

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IRS Warns Taxpayers To Include Crypto On Income Tax Returns

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released a memo March 23, reminding US citizens of the need to report their digital currency earnings on their income tax returns. The IRS notes that Notice 2014-21 defines digital currencies as property, and they are thus subject to federal property taxes. Those who fail to report their crypto earnings can be “liable for ...

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