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T.Mickauskas: Bitcoinus Will Rule the Blockchain Payments in 2 Years

Global e-commerce revenues rise at around 20% annually and the pace should continue this way for at least several years to come. This year the numbers should exceed $3 trillion level when we combine all worldwide sales expectations. Now if we look at currently absolutely astonishing increase in capitalization of cryptocurrencies, there are a few assumptions to be made. Since ...

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I think the mods should rethink rule #6 : litecoin

For those of you wondering what rule #6 is: ANYTHING PRICE RELATED that isn’t a news article: /r/LitecoinMarkets Not being allowed to talk about the price of Litecoin in the Litecoin subreddit seems completely arbitrary. I don’t understand the rationale for wanting to split the litecoin chat across several different subreddits, each with a distinct “focus” rather than implementing some ...

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