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EOS Price: Short-term Squeeze can Push the Value Below $11

It has become apparent over the weekend there is still a lot of negative pressure across all cryptocurrency markets. All of these major currencies are still in the dirt, with the EOS price taking the biggest hit of them all. This most recent 14.24% setback is worrisome for altcoin speculators, albeit not entirely unexpected when looking at the bigger picture. ...

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Short Squeeze Catapults Price of Bitcoin Past $7,600 – The Merkle

Just hours after short positions on Bitcoin eclipsed longs, and as BTC shorts volume reached an all-time high, Bitcoin saw an explosion, appreciating over US$900 in under an hour, a growth of 13%. Since the pump, global cryptocurrency markets have risen over 10%, to just under US$300 billion. Speculators overwhelmingly agree that the cause for such a price movement was ...

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