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Bitcoin Whales are Stabilizing the Market, Not Crashing it: Research

New data from Chainalysis has revealed that bitcoin whales are a surprisingly heterogeneous group of coin holders who might be doing more good than harm to the market. Investors have long been wary of a market situation where a few whales can exert overwhelming control over the asset price, fuelled in part by reports suggesting that whales deciding to sell large amounts of ...

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Research: Crypto Whales Are Stabilizing The Market, Contrary to Popular Belief

In both the natural world and the crypto market, whales are seen as colossal creatures that have a profound effect on the environment around them. Since Bitcoin’s rise to fame, a countless number of cryptocurrency investors have claimed that whales have been the primary catalyst behind this market’s unpredictable price movements. But, according to data compiled by one of the crypto industry’s data ...

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Stellar Lumens and Litecoin Stabilizing the Altcoin Ship

In the last day, altcoin prices were stable. Gains or losses were within a one percent range as sellers begin to clip back gains. The fact that there is failure by Cardano and EOS bulls to close above key resistance lines at 12 cents and $7 backs our bearish forecast. On the other hand, Litecoin and Stellar Lumens prices continue ...

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