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Bitcoin Following Nasdaq Path but 15 Times Faster

Morgan Stanley put out a note to its clients on Monday the 19th breaking down Bitcoin trading in comparison to the Nasdaq during the dot-com crash 20 years ago. Bitcoin Similar to Dot-Coms Through Bear Markets According to the report, Bitcoin is behaving very similar to the way the Nasdaq did in 2000. There is parity in the pattern of ...

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Crypto Misery Index Signals Good Times Ahead

A ‘misery index’, a contrarian index for Bitcoin created by Fundstrat Global Advisors, is at the lowest point since September 6 2011, 18.8, signaling a buy. The misery index ranges from 0 to 100 and whenever the index drops below 27 it is a signal that a Bitcoin price increase is ahead. The index is meant to be contrarian to ...

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PayPal Files Patent to Improve Cryptocurrency Transaction Times

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. PayPal has filed a patent for a system designed to improve the speed of cryptocurrency payments. Documents filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on March 1 show that the payment processing giant has developed a system through which senders and receivers can swap private ...

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Cryptocurrencies Offer Financial Freedom During Times of Crisis

Many people often wonder what the point of cryptocurrencies is. In the Western world, the demand for financial freedom is not overly apparent. Consumers are content with entrusting their money to third parties without giving it a second thought. In countries suffering from an economic crisis, there is a dire need for Bitcoin and consorts. It is the only path ...

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Bitcoin Declined by 30% Five Times in 2017, Recent Correction Tolerable

As CNBC Africa’s CryptoTrader host and producer Ran Neuner noted, bitcoin declined by 30 percent on five different occasions in 2017. This month’s 20 percent correction in bitcoin is tolerable, given the major corrections it had experienced in the past 12 months. Major Correction Other major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash also recorded corrections in the 50 percent range ...

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Where we go in times like these. : litecoin

Where we go in times like these. : litecoin this post was submitted on 10 Jan 2018 2 points (75% upvoted) shortlink: subscribeunsubscribe171,432 readers 4,163 users here now Wallets Official Wallet – Litecoin Core – Use bootstrap.dat to sync quickly LoafWallet iOS Official Lite Wallet, Electrum-LTC Official Paper Wallet Generator Litevault – Secure Web Wallet Buy Litecoin Bitso – MXN ...

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