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Do Dash Treasury-Funded Projects Have an Inherent PR Problem?

As part of the ongoing discussion over why Dash doesn’t get the attention it deserves from the mainstream (crypto) media, one thing that comes up often is: “So many awesome projects are going on with Dash, why doesn’t anyone hear about them?” While faithful readers of Dash Force News are more than updated on the issue, there is, so far, ...

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Treasury-funded GetFreeDash Proposal Mired in Controversy After Fraud Reported

The owner of the GetFreeDash proposal, Cryptoridez (formerly DashMaximalist), recently announced that he had “uncovered major fraud activity” that has resulted in “about $10,000 in fraudulent claims.” The GetFreeDash proposal has received two of its three payments of 150 DASH, for a total of 300 DASH, with the goal of giving away Dash to Venezuelans who sign up on the ...

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