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Airbus’ A3 Launch Blockchain Donation Platform Amidst Growing Crypto Trend

The research and development arm of Airbus, A3, has launched a blockchain donation platform, called Heritage, that allows charities to better track and understand their fundraising efforts and operational efficiency. The new Heritage platform will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and will provide a robust and thorough framework that allows charities to accept and track donations, removing the middle-man ...

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Waves Platform Negotiating with Malta Government Amidst Growing Relocation Trend

The Waves Project’s CEO, Sasha Ivanov, is engaged in negotiations with the Maltese government in an effort to gain all the proper accreditation in order to run their operations on the island. The news comes amidst a growing trend of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies moving to Malta in order to be in a country with a friendly regulatory environment. ‘Blockchain ...

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Bitcoin Price Intraday Analysis: BTC/USD on Sideways Trend

Bitcoin price on Friday made no significant corrections from its intraday low near $6,302. The BTC/USD over the course of past 24 hours has done a raise-and-erase act, signaling a sideways sentiment. At the beginning of the Asian session, the pair had noted a weak bull correction attempt, so that it established an intraday high around 6540-fiat. The bulls got ...

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IOTA Price: Massive Gains Continue During Bullish Crypto Trend

These are rather interesting times for the cryptocurrency markets. As Bitcoin sets the pace for all other currencies, it will be intriguing to see what happens next. The IOTA price continues to soar high after a full day of steep gains. It is well underway to hit $0.75 once again, barring any major mishaps with Bitcoin. IOTA Price Remains Incredibly ...

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IOTA Price: Bullish Trend Continues Unabated

There are still a lot of unknown factors affecting the cryptocurrency industry at this time. With the Bitcoin momentum slowing down a bit, it remains highly unlikely altcoins will see any real changes. Despite this trend. It would appear the IOTA price is still on a roll after very steep gains yesterday. IOTA Price Rally Continues These are very interesting ...

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‘Correlation’ Between BTC and Emerging Markets Is Sign of Upcoming Trend Reversal

Fundstrat’s Bitcoin (BTC) analyst Tom Lee has claimed that the cryptocurrency “could end the year explosively higher,” citing a correlation between it and emerging markets. Lee has made his new prediction in an interview during CNBC’s “Trading Nation” show August 25. The Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors has said that he “still think[s] it’s possible” that Bitcoin’s price ...

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