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Kenyan Business Owner Demonstrates Usability of Cryptocurrencies

A meat barbeque restaurant, Betty’s Place in Nyeri, Kenya, recently started to accept Dash and Bitcoin, and BBC News recently covered their adoption. “Since the world is becoming more global, my place is also becoming a global restaurant”. The restaurant owner, Beatrice Wambugu, describes herself as “a crypto-currency pioneer”. The new acceptance isn’t massive adoption since they just have made ...

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Poll: Majority of Investors Believe Cryptocurrency will Appreciate During a Recession, Begs Usability Questions

Fundstrat Global Advisors found in a poll among institutional investors and twitter users that a majority of individuals believe that cryptocurrency prices will rise during a recession. The poll found that 72% of institutional investors believed that cryptocurrency prices will increase during a recession, while 59% agreed via the twitter poll. The institutional investor sample size was 25, while the ...

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Dash’s Business Growth Strategy Focuses on a Complete Ecosystem, Usability

Bradley Zastrow, Dash Core Group’s Global Head of Business Development, recently did a Q&A with the Dash community and also published an article on NASDAQ’s website where he discussed Dash’s future growth plans that focused on usability. In the Q&A, Bradley answered a few questions that related to the Business Development’s role and the methods they perceive as best for ...

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Dash is Committed to Global Usability, Overhauls Dash Documents and Offers Translations

Dash Core Group (DCG) is continuing an effort that began in 2017 to improve the formal documentation of Dash and recently started an effort to offer quality translations of Dash Core Group’s products. The recent announcement references how general computer and internet consumer questions used to be common, but have subsided as help documentation has gotten better. However, DCG recognizes ...

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Web 3.0 Will Evolve as Interoperability and Usability Improve

This interview has been edited and condensed. Cointelegraph spoke recently with Dr. Jutta Steiner, the co-founder and CEO of Parity Technologies, about what originally drew her into the Ethereum (ETH) crowd and how she plans to bring more interoperability to blockchain. During the recent TechCrunch Ethereum Meetup in Zug, Switzerland, Steiner detailed how her background in math and science ties ...

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Monero Community Proposes Overhaul of GUI Wallet to Improve Usability

Innovation is not hard to come by in the cryptocurrency sector. Although most of these changes are taking place behind the scenes, community feedback also plays an integral role in the process. One particular proposal to make Monero’s GUI client more user-friendly is attracting a fair amount of attention. Improving the Monero GUI Even though Monero has become a successful ...

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