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Redefining Interbank Payments with Crypto-Technology

Introducing ivyKoin, a newcomer to the cryptocurrency world that hopes to rival Ripple in the interbank payments space. The coin is specifically aimed at bridging the divide between banks, cryptocurrency, and customers —facilitating secure and transparent business payments on a global scale. ivyKoin will look to develop a blockchain based-cryptocurrency that will allow senders to voluntarily de-anonymize transactions. The rationale behind ...

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Gawooni Games Ecosphere Announces Decentralized, Blockchain-Based Platform

GAWOONI utilizes the foundational business model already established by game developers. GAWOONI is an international game developer and it has managed to create the very first ecosphere for gamers and serves both B2B as well as B2C clients. GAWOONI is a well-known name in the Asia-Pacific region. It is well recognized in the Indian, Chinese and Indonesian markets. Its primary ...

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Crypto Leaders | Lisk (LSK), Bitcoin Cash, Nano, & VeChain (VEN)

The total cryptocurrency market took a bit of a dip towards the end of the week. If you’ve been living under a rock, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) announced that they would be banning cryptocurrency ads on their ecosystem. Source: CoinMarketCap Major panic selling took place in the community, as you can see from the drop off from the 14th to the 15th. ...

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Economic Club of New York: Peter Thiel Discusses Bitcoin and Silicon Valley, Amongst Other Things

Renowned venture capitalist and Bitcoin-enthusiast Peter Thiel, who is moving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, said that rent prices in and around San Francisco are too high to keep the area as a hotspot for novel start-ups. According to Theil, the majority of the money he spends with Silicon Valley start-ups goes to landlords and “urban slumlords,” this according ...

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French Regulators “Blacklist” Cryptocurrency-Related Websites

French financial regulators have joined those in neighbouring Belgium in releasing a “blacklist” of digital currency websites. According to them, these sites have been pushing investments on the public in a way that is banned under French and European law. French Regulators Crackdown on Illegal Financial Products The list comprises of 15 websites. These entities are either deliberately flouting French ...

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Interview with Zerocoin’s CEO – Adrian Casey. How Zeroedge.bet Will Impact the Gambling Industry?

Essentially, Zeroedge is the world’s first online casino that offers two unique advantages to the general online gambling public. Firstly, Zeroedge runs exclusively on cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin for example) although, in this case, that cryptocurrency is Zeroedge Casino’s own unique cryptocurrency called ZeroCoin. The second advantage, and by far the most significant, is the fact that Zeroedge, much like its ...

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