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Are ‘Gig’ Workers the Guinea Pigs of a Crypto Economy

A number of startups are developing payments platforms and cryptocurrencies solely for the sharing economy. Claiming there is a need of a fair and efficient path to compensation, they believe the sharing economy might serve as an experiment for adapting digital tokens as a chief form of payment. The Challenges and Solutions Cryptocurrencies Present to ‘Gig’ Workers That audacious idea ...

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Blockchain Job Market Ripe For Savvy Tech Workers

There was a lot of talk in 2017 about making big money in cryptocurrency but for the next generation looking at crypto markets, the money may be in Blockchain related jobs. Demand for crypto workers is huge While speculators and investors may be at odds about the future of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum what everyone seems to agree on ...

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Blockchain Platform to Allow Workers From Low-income C… | News

The proliferation of artificial intelligence  (AI) technologies continues to march onwards as AI becomes a globally established industry. However, these billions of dollars in AI revenue are rarely seen by those working at the lower end of the AI workforce. Dbrain, a new Blockchain platform, allows anyone with a smartphone to carry out AI-related tasks and be rewarded with cryptocurrency. ...

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Nordea Bank Forbids Workers From Owning Bitcoin: Denma… | News

Danish finance and workers’ rights figures have threatened legal action against major bank Nordea after it announced this week that it will ban its employees from owning Bitcoin by Feb. 28. Speaking to local radio station Danmarks Radio (DK), Danish Financial Federation chairman Kent Petersen joined DJØF Union consultant Niels Mosegaard in condemning Nordea’s move, which came to light Monday. ...

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Russian Ministry of Labor: Gov’t Workers Exempt From D… | News

The Russian Ministry of Labor’s updated income, expenses and property declaration guidelines for government employees for reporting on 2017 includes a point about cryptocurrency, local media outlet Izvestia reports. The updated regulations state that government employees do not have to declare “virtual currencies” they obtained. The note about cryptocurrency was added to an already existing point that stated government employees ...

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